Sundale Mutual Water Company
Office Location: 7337 West Ave A, Rosamond, CA  93560  *  Mailing Address: PO Box 6708, Lancaster, CA 93539
Phone: (661) 256-3100  *  Fax: (888) 786-8168  *  E-Mail:
Serving Our Customers Since 1971

Sundale Mutual Water Company started in 1971 in response to deliver water to 825 – 2½ acres parcels in the Antelope Acres area in both Los Angeles and Kern County. At the beginning Sundale only existed of less than 25 water user customers and 800 vacant land owners. We consisted of a volunteer 5 member board (Board of Directors). Throughout the years, we greatly expanded our board to an active 7 member volunteer board. We also expanded our customers in 2007 to over 300 water users and 525 vacant land owners. In 2008, we expanded our customer service goals to ensure that each customer's needs are met by locating an office in our servicing area in Rosamond (Kern County)

Sundale is a private non-profit corporation who solely exists only to supply water to the 825 lots located within its designated boundaries.   None of our water has been transported from another source; 100% of our water comes solely from the ground.  

We operate two separate groundwater delivery systems with 2 wells at each site, a total of 4 wells.  Our entire service area has water mains in the front of each parcel. These water lines run through each and every parcel, including vacant land.  Therefore we are able to deliver water once all building requirements have been met.

Sundale Mutual Water Company employees partners in our success and makes our mission statement come alive in the way they work to help every customer ensure they have to best possible service and water quality. With the help of our entire staff and volunteers, we ensure that we are making our vision come alive to provide reliable and high quality water service in our area.