Sundale Mutual Water Company
Office Location: 7337 West Ave A, Rosamond, CA  93560  *  Mailing Address: PO Box 6708, Lancaster, CA 93539
Phone: (661) 256-3100  *  Fax: (888) 786-8168  *  E-Mail:
Serving Our Customers Since 1971

Late Charge

Bills are due upon receipt and become past due after 1 pm on the due date shown. Balances remaining after the due date are subject to a flat fee of $25 late charge.

Service Charge

All customers are billed a base rate to all customers. This charge includes the operating costs of running the company .

Return Check Charge

If your payment is returned, you will be assessed a $30 charge.

Call us at (661) 256-3100 during regular business hours if you have questions. Or, contact us via e-mail.

Fee Amount
Returned Check Fee
Delinquent processing charge (Hanging Fee)
$10 for delinquent accounts (over 30 days)  hung at the service address

$70 for turning off the meter
Late fee
$25 of all amounts in arrears
Building Connection charges/application fees
Please contact our office for information regarding building in our area.  
Water Rates