Sundale Mutual Water Company
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Water Rates

Sundale Mutual Water Company water rates are based on a five-tier system. The first tier represents adequate indoor usage along with reasonable outdoor watering. The rate for the remaining tiers becomes increasingly higher.


Usage  Steps


0 to 40,000 Gallons


Per 1,000 Gallons

40,001 to 100,000 Gallons


Per 1,000 Gallons

100,001 to 200,000 Gallons


Per 1,000 Gallons

200,001 to 300,000 Gallons


Per 1,000 Gallons

300,001 to 400,000 Gallons


Per 1,000 Gallons

400,001 to Infinity Gallons

The Water Company is a non-profit organization. Our water rates are regulated by our board of directors and can cover the operating costs of water delivery and the capital improvements to the water delivery system.


The meter is read in cubic feet (shown under the present and previous columns of the bill) and is converted to gallons (shown the usage column).  Understanding the bill

Meter Exchange

From time to time, we exchange the meters due to wear. If your bill shows exchange or reset, it means the old meter was replaced during the billing period.

How to Read/Understand the Monthly Water Bill