Sundale Mutual Water Company
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Serving Our Customers Since 1971

Most of the residential meters for Sundale Mutual Water Company are located near the front yard in one corner of your property.

Follow these steps to read your meter:

1. Once you've found your meter box (it will be painted blue), remove the lid using a screwdriver or another tool. (Some meter box lids have removable inserts to make getting to your meter easier.) Watch out for little critters (snakes, bees, spiders, etc.) when opening the meter

2. Lift the meter cap to uncover the lens. Face the meter so that the "0" on the outer dial is at top.

3. Locate the odometer (or number bar) on the meter's face. Write down the numbers, reading from left to right.

4. Subtract your current reading from your last reading (your official readings are located on your bill).  You can also contact us for the last meter reading numbers.  

5. Then multiply the difference by 7.48 to learn how many gallons you have used since your last bill.

6. When you're done, close the meter cap to prevent damage to the lens.

7. Carefully replace the meter box lid to avoid damaging the meter or lid.

Think you might have a leak? Find the water waster