Sundale Mutual Water Company
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Occasionally, residents tell us that someone has asked to enter their home, often to "test the water." If this happens to you, be alert: this is not a Sundale Mutual Water Company employee.

While these visitors may give the impression that they represent the Water Company, they are most often salesmen from private companies and do not work under our authority.

Don't Fall for the Sales Pitch

Knowing the difference between a sales pitch and a visit from Sundale Mutual Water Company —an authorized water provider—could prevent you from becoming a victim of false representation. Here's how to tell a district employee from an imposter:

Call Us!

If you're concerned about someone who has approached or called your home regarding your water service, call (661) 256-3100 during regular business hours. After hours, call our emergency numbers at (661) 860-2373 or (661) 942-2198.