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You may need a pressure reducing valve if your water pressure is more than 80 psi.

If the water pressure at your property is 80 pounds per square inch (psi) or greater, a pressure reducing valve (PRV) will help decrease the water pressure.

In accordance with Uniform Plumbing Codes, property owners and/or customers are responsible for installing and maintaining their own individual PRV devices whenever static water pressure exceeds 80 psi.

PRVs will not increase water pressure to a property; however, they do serve as a critical component to decrease water pressure to your level of preference. Most plumbing professionals recommend a PRV setting between 35 and 60 psi.

High Water Pressure Can Damage Plumbing

Sustained pressure that exceeds 80 psi can damage on-site plumbing systems and may affect your water fixtures. PRVs should be installed on the customer’s side of the water meter and are usually located near the water heater, water softener or on the inlet water line between your home and the water meter.

If your home water system does not have a PRV, you can purchase them from a licensed plumber, who can install the PRV. If a PRV already exists, it may just need an adjustment to decrease the pressure at the property.

Sundale recommends that you consult a licensed plumber for adjustments and service to your PRV.