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Use these tips to keep your landscape healthy no matter what the season.

Use drip irrigation on plants and trees.

Adjust sprinkler heads so they don't spray walls or driveways.

Use the most efficient types of nozzles and irrigation clocks.

Check the sprinkler system weekly and immediately replace broken or missing sprinklers with identical parts.

Once a month, check the drip line for breaks and emitters for clogs or broken heads.

For best results, shoot for "head-to-head" coverage. That means the spray of one sprinkler should reach the head of the sprinkler closest to it. Make sure grass does not block the spray. Level all sprinkler heads to grade to prevent spray blockage or tripping hazards.

Adjust your irrigation clock seasonally

Use a drip irrigation system to water trees and shrubs and water appropriately. Experts agree that running drip irrigation less frequently is much better for plants than daily watering.

Water areas in the shade about 30 percent less than sunny areas.

Fine tune watering times for each station to account for different watering requirements due to exposure, shade and sprinkler output.