About Us


Sundale Mutual Water Company provides safe quality drinking water and trusted service to our shareholders.


The company service area occupies approximately 2,080 acres, with 350 services, serving approximately 1,100 persons.


Groundwater: Our system is 100% groundwater.  The company has four active wells in operation. All the wells are equipped with submersible pumps that are operated on a regular basis. Each pump is housed in a building and discharges through hydropneumatic tanks prior to entering the distribution system.


Boundaries: We currently have water lines running through all property in the water company area and can deliver water to your property when all requirements have been met. We have two zones in our service area:

  • Zone A: Elder Avenue (Kern County Side (Rosamond)) to the north and Avenue B (LA County (Lancaster)) to the south and 80TH Street West on the west and 65TH Street West on the east.
  • Zone B: West Avenue C to the north and West Avenue D to the south and 90TH Street West on the west and 80TH street West on the east.

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