Activities for Children!

Dear Customers,

These are unprecedented times. We value your efforts to protect groundwater in your community, and want to make sure you’re staying safe and healthy.

So much has transpired and changed in the world around us that groundwater protection and education may seem like the last things you want to focus on. But one thing hasn’t changed – groundwater is as important as ever. It’s the water we drink, that grows our food, and is the lifeblood of our industry. It's even the water we use to wash our hands! It connects us all. And it still needs our protection.

The Groundwater Foundation is continuing to prepare the next generation of groundwater professionals and provide educational resources to educators and parents. The Foundation's online resources are available free to anyone - from educators planning lessons to parents who are suddenly homeschooling. 


Please share these resources with your networks and take advantage of them yourself:

  • The Foundation is launching a Learn at Home landing page with lessons and educational content for parents working with kids at home. Materials are being added regularly!
  • The online Activities Library offers worksheets, activities, scavenger hunts, and more that can be done at home. Search resources by age, duration, activity type, and key topic.
  • The Hydrogeology Challenge computer groundwater model walks students through calculations that scientists use every day to determine groundwater flow direction and velocity.
  • The free 30by30 app (available for iOS and Android devices) asks users to track their water use and find ways to use less. Just don’t skimp on washing your hands!
  • The free Water1der app (also available for iOS and Android devices) tests users’ water knowledge in a variety of different categories. Try the groups feature and challenge friends!
  • Keep up with our social media accounts for more ideas and resources.