Setting Up a Service

The following information is provided to help you understand Sundale Mutual Water Company’s (SMWC) procedures and requirements for water service. As a condition of service, each shareholder (property owner) must abide by the policies, rates, bylaws, and regulations of SMWC.


Applying for a New Water Meter


In order for SMWC to provide service to your parcel, a shareholder will need to obtain a will serve letter**.  In order to obtain a will serve letter from our company, you will be required to complete for the parcel:

  • Meter Application
  • Will-Serve Letter Request
  • Copy of the building permit
  • Pay ALL the fees applicable in certified funds or CASH – This includes ALL Stand-By & fire suppression (water meter & Fire Hydrant) fees.  All fees are NON Refundable
    • Stand-By Fees
    • Fire Suppression Fees (water meter & fire hydrant )


** Please note it is up to you to determine the size of the water meter (1 inch or 1 ½ inch) you will need for your home.  Also SMWC does NOT allow mobile, cargo container or modular homes in our area.  Only stick built homes are allowed and have to be a minimum of 1500 sq ft. 

Relevant Documents